Download – Enerwater Deliverables & Documentation

List of Deliverables


Del. no. Deliverable title WP no. Leader Type Dissemination Level
D1.1 Project Management Plan 1 USC R CO
D2.1 Study of published energy data  Will contain data of at least 500 WWTPs 2 CUAS R PU
D2.2 Selection of WWTPs 2 CUAS R PU
D2.3 Energy Monitoring System installed 2 WSC OTHER PU
D2.4 Base-line reports: Areport will be drafted from each WWTP visited 2 CUAS R CO
D2.5 Benchmarking Database 2 WSC OTHER PU
D3.1 ENERWATER Methodology v0 3 CU R PU
D3.2 ENERWATER Methodology v1 3 CU R PU
D3.3 ENERWATER Methodology v2 3 CU R PU
D3.4 ENERWATER Methodology v3 3 CU R PU
D3.5 Online Method V1 3 WSC OTHER PU
D3.6 Online Method V2 3 WSC OTHER PU
D4.1 Training Report 4 UNIVR R PU
D4.2 ENERWATER Methodology V1 Evaluation Report 4 UNIVR R PU
D4.3 ENERWATER Methodology V2 Evaluation Report 4 UNIVR R PU
D4.4 ENERWATER Methodology V3 Evaluation Report 4 UNIVR R PU
D4.5 Actual Energy Savings Evaluation Report 4 UNIVR R PU
D5.1 Waste Water Stakeholder Workshop 5 ETRA OTHER PU
D5.2 Standardization landscape 5 AENOR R PU
D5.3 Standarization Stakeholder Workshop 5 AENOR OTHER PU
D5.4 Report on standarization activity 5 AENOR R PU
D5.5 Guidelines: Best practices & technologies 5 AV R PU
D5.6 Recommendations for a future directive 5 USC  R PU
D6.1 Exploitation  Dissemination Plan 6 WSC R PU
D6.2 Project Website 6 WSC DEC PU
D6.3 Dissemination video 6 WSC DEC PU