Download – Enerwater Deliverables & Documentation

Previous Studies

Download the Methodology


The methodology will be published in 4 versions for open discussion, download the latest version now:
Enerwater Methodology Vo. Deliverable 3.1 (31st Aug 2015)
Enerwater Methodology V1. Deliverable 3.2 (29th Feb 2016)
Enerwater Methodology V2. Deliverable 3.3 (30th Sep 2016)
Enerwater Methodology V3. Deliverable 3.4(31st May 2017)

ENERWATER D3.4 Methodology Final (31st May 2018)

The Online Method


The methodology, once defined as a document, will be also offered as an online tool to facilitate the work to WWTPs managers.
Enerwater Online Methodology V1. Deliverable 3.5 (31st Sep 2016)
Enerwater Online Methodology V2. Deliverable 3.6 (31st May 2017)

Best Practices & Recommendations


At the end of the project a set of guidelines for energy efficiency in WWTP´s will published. (Expected 28th Feb 2018)

Finally a set of recommendations to the EU commission towards a future directive will be released.

Future directive


Recommendations for a future directive. Deliverable 5.6 (28thFeb 2018)

List of Deliverables


Del. no. Deliverable title WP no. Leader Type Dissemination Level Delivery month Delivery date
D1.1 Project Management Plan 1 USC R CO 1 31-mar.-15
D2.1 Study of published energy data  Will contain data of at least 500 WWTPs 2 CUAS R PU 6 31-Ago.-15
D2.2 Selection of WWTPs 2 CUAS R PU 6 31-Ago.-15
D2.3 Energy Monitoring System installed 2 WSC OTHER PU 12 29-feb.-16
D2.4 Base-line reports: Areport will be drafted from each WWTP visited 2 CUAS R CO 12 29-feb.-16
D2.5 Benchmarking Database 2 WSC OTHER PU 12 29-feb.-16
D3.1 ENERWATER Methodology v0 3 CU R PU 6 31-Ago.-15
D3.2 ENERWATER Methodology v1 3 CU R PU 12 29-feb.-16
D3.3 ENERWATER Methodology v2 3 CU R PU 19 30-sep.-16
D3.4 ENERWATER Methodology v3 3 CU R PU 27 31-may.-17
D3.5 Online Method V0 3 WSC OTHER PU 19 30-sep.-16
D3.6 Online Method V1 3 WSC OTHER PU 27 31-may.-17
D4.1 Training Report 4 UNIVR R PU 14 30-apr.-16
D4.2 ENERWATER Methodology V1 Evaluation Report 4 UNIVR R PU 18 31-ago.-16
D4.3 ENERWATER Methodology V2 Evaluation Report 4 UNIVR R PU 26 30-apr.-17
D4.4 ENERWATER Methodology V3 Evaluation Report 4 UNIVR R PU 30 30-apr.-17
D4.5 Actual Energy Savings Evaluation Report 4 UNIVR R PU 36 28-feb.-18
D5.1 Waste Water Stakeholder Workshop 5 ETRA OTHER PU 13 31-mar.-16
D5.2 Standardization landscape 5 AENOR R PU 6 31-Ago.-15
D5.3 Standarization Stakeholder Workshop 5 AENOR OTHER PU 20 31-ago.-16
D5.4 Report on standarization activity 5 AENOR R PU 36 28-feb.-18
D5.5 Guidelines: Best practices & technologies 5 AV R PU 36 28-feb.-18
D5.6 Recommendations for a future directive 5 USC  R PU 36 28-feb.-18
D6.1 Exploitation  Dissemination Plan 6 WSC R PU 4 30-jun.-15
D6.2 Project Website 6 WSC DEC PU 12 29-feb.-16
D6.3 Dissemination video 6 WSC DEC PU 12 29-feb.-16